Stock Control Centre

Stock Control Centre

The Stock Control Centre is a hub for the staff to gain a complete oversight of Warehouse activity as well as enable direct communication with the tablet devices.

  • In-built messenger

An in-built messaging system will allow for easy communication between your staff. This is the perfect platform to raise queries with staff or issue instructions to either a specific member of staff or a specific tablet device.

  • Priority Tasks

The control centre will provide you with all of the stock counts due today. This will allow you to see the work that needs to be prioritised for that particular day.

  • In-depth reporting

Access to a variety of reports including; stock counts performed, stock shortages, purchase orders overdue and the sales dispatched overdue report. This will therefore provide staff with all of the data they require and it will be fully accurate at the time the report is taken.

  • Issue Stock Recount

Identify stock variances from stock counts performed today, and then issue a stock recount from the control centre to a tablet device.

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