Access Dimensions Stock Control

Access Dimensions Integration
Stock Simple supports full integration with Access Dimensions accounts software. Features and benefits of this integration include:
  • Real time integration – The integration between our stock control software and Access Dimensions works in real time. This will therefore ensure that staff always have access to the most up to date, accurate information.
  • Warehouse activity – All inward and outward adjustments are recorded straight into Access Dimensions. This therefore means that there is an entire log of the Warehouse activity which can be accessed remotely.
  • Synchronised system – The data between the stock control software and Access Dimensions is completely synchronised. Thus meaning that any changes made within your accounts software will appear within the stock control software and vice versa.
  • Purchase & sales ordering – Raise purchase and sales orders against the customer from the tablet device. These can then be sent directly to Access Dimensions against the account or sent to a higher member of staff for authorisation before going into the accounts package.

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