Pegasus Opera Stock Control

Pegasus Opera Integration
Stock Simple supports full integration with Pegasus Opera accounts software. Features and benefits of this integration include:
  • Stock tracking – The integration supports the ability to record a batch and serial number per each product, when performing a stock take or receiving goods in. Once recorded the details are then passed over and stored in Pegasus Opera. The option to record batch and serial number’s can be set to prompt with every product.
  • Real-time data transfer – Anything that happens in the stock control software will transfer back into Pegasus Opera automatically. This will therefore make sure that staff in the office are fully up to date with what is going on in the warehouse, as well as being able to access completely accurate reports.
  • Barcode scanning – Stock barcodes, stored within Pegasus Opera, are recognised in the stock control software. If, when receiving goods in, a product without a saved barcode is scanned, the user will be prompted whether they would like to save the new barcode against the product.
  • Purchase and sales orders  – Staff will be able to raise both purchase and sales orders directly from the warehouse tablets. These will then be consequently transferred into Pegasus Opera.

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How stock control software can increase your business efficiency

How stock control software can increase your business efficiency
How stock control can help increase your business efficiency:

The saying ‘time means money’ is one that still circulates now and this is no difference in the warehousing and distribution industry. Our stock control software can ensure that your business efficiency is increased which will free up staff time for other tasks.

  • You can configure your bin locations in order so that the most efficient route is always used. This will therefore save staff time when doing stock takes or picking stock for a sales order.
  • When picking stock for sales orders, the orders can be grouped together to ensure that staff only go to each bin location once. This will allow them to pick the stock from that specific location for all of the orders to save return trips.
  • Staff efficiency can also be increased by using the stock control centre. The control centre is an application across all of the tablet devices which will allow staff to communicate and raise any issues and queries they have. Messages can be sent to individual staff members or can be sent to specific tablet devices.

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