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Looking to link your customer accounts with your stock control software?

Our accounts integration will ensure that customers are synchronised thus removing the need to re-enter information manually.

Retail Customer Accounts

Our Customer Accounts features include:

Customer Account Sycnhronisation

Due to the integration being in real-time, changes made to customers will appear straight away. This will therefore mean that users are always working with the most accurate data.

Sales Orders

Once created, assign the sales order to the customer which will consequently show in your accounts package. Thus removing the requirement to enter and assign the order manually.

Purchase Orders

Supplier accounts are synchronised so once a purchase order has been made, it will appear in your accounts package against the supplier, therefore removing double entry.

Reduce Business Administration

The data transfer is automatic therefore removing the requirement for manual input of data.

Accounts Integration

Links to market leading accounts packages to give the most accurate stock data.

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Our range of features

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