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Create stock takes for line checking, period or year ends.

Create stock takes and assign to a device to be completed, these can be marked to be done immediately depending on the priority.

Stock Taking

Our Stock Taking features include:

Immediate or Scheduled Stock Takes

Once a stock take has been created this can be marked to be completed immediately or can be scheduled for a later date.

Figure Visibility

When creating a stock take, have the option of making it blind by hiding the in stock quantities.

Specified or Random Stock Takes

Different modes to allow you to either specify the stock take or allow the system to generate a random stock take.

Stock Take by Range

Issue stock takes by ranges of stock code, stock category, by a particular location or bin locations.

User Efficiency

Create your bin location route to allow for the most efficient route during a stock take.

Partial Completion

A stock take can be partially completed and saved if not finished, this can then be assigned to another device if required to be completed.

Accounts Integration

Links to market leading accounts packages to give the most accurate stock data.

Sage 50 Accounts Access Accounts Pegasus Accounts Exchequer Accounts


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