Stock Reorder Module

stock reorder module
What is the stock reorder module?

In a business environment, it is essential that you have enough stock to manage the busy periods. Our stock reorder module will make sure that your business will not run out of stock, with the ability to suggest purchase orders quantities before stock figures get too low.

Minimum and maximum figures are required to be entered per each stock product as these figures will be used to calculate your purchase order quantities. The stock reorder module will also look at past sales trends, to make sure that busy periods don’t come as a surprise.

The system will generate suggested purchase orders, however you can edit them before submission if you feel you would like to make some adjustments. If you are happy with the purchase order and would not like to make any edits, you can then submit this to your supplier.

The stock reorder module will save you excessive administration time and will also ensure that you do not go past your minimum stock levels. To find out more about our stock control system click here or if you want to contact us directly click here.