Stock Reorder Module

stock reorder module
What is the stock reorder module?

In a business environment, it is essential that you have enough stock to manage the busy periods. Our stock reorder module will make sure that your business will not run out of stock, with the ability to suggest purchase orders quantities before stock figures get too low.

Minimum and maximum figures are required to be entered per each stock product as these figures will be used to calculate your purchase order quantities. The stock reorder module will also look at past sales trends, to make sure that busy periods don’t come as a surprise.

The system will generate suggested purchase orders, however you can edit them before submission if you feel you would like to make some adjustments. If you are happy with the purchase order and would not like to make any edits, you can then submit this to your supplier.

The stock reorder module will save you excessive administration time and will also ensure that you do not go past your minimum stock levels. To find out more about our stock control system click here or if you want to contact us directly click here.


Pegasus Opera Stock Control

Pegasus Opera Integration
Stock Simple supports full integration with Pegasus Opera accounts software. Features and benefits of this integration include:
  • Stock tracking – The integration supports the ability to record a batch and serial number per each product, when performing a stock take or receiving goods in. Once recorded the details are then passed over and stored in Pegasus Opera. The option to record batch and serial number’s can be set to prompt with every product.
  • Real-time data transfer – Anything that happens in the stock control software will transfer back into Pegasus Opera automatically. This will therefore make sure that staff in the office are fully up to date with what is going on in the warehouse, as well as being able to access completely accurate reports.
  • Barcode scanning – Stock barcodes, stored within Pegasus Opera, are recognised in the stock control software. If, when receiving goods in, a product without a saved barcode is scanned, the user will be prompted whether they would like to save the new barcode against the product.
  • Purchase and sales orders  – Staff will be able to raise both purchase and sales orders directly from the warehouse tablets. These will then be consequently transferred into Pegasus Opera.

To find out more about our stock control software click here.

The benefits of EPOS Integration

Benefits of EPOS Integration

For Warehouses that have a retail store, our EPOS solution will ensure that your entire system is completely integrated.

Our point of sale software is available with robust hardware perfect for any environment. The EPOS links directly with our stock control software to make sure that all reports are consolidated and the fact that the two systems are completely synchronised will remove any need for double entry.

Features of our EPOS solution include:
  • The haggle function which provides the till user with all of the pricing information to ensure that you can negotiate the price but not drop it too low.
  • Once a sale has been assigned to a customer account, a full VAT invoice will be directly emailed straight to the customer. This removes any manual processes as this task is done automatically at the end of each sale.
  • The integration between the EPOS software and stock control software will make sure that the most up to date stock figures are available.
  • Once a sale has been completed, if marked for delivery, a delivery note can be set to print automatically. This delivery note is branded to your business, and can include specific fields as required.

Check out our EPOS solution here.

Stock Control Software – Top Benefits

Stock Control Software - Top Benefits
  • Increase Efficiency

Our stock control software solution will massively increase your warehouse efficiency. With the use of pre-configured bin locations, your staff will be able to pick goods using the most efficient picking route.

  • Seamless Integration

There is a seamless integration between our stock control software and market leading accounts packages. These include; Sage 50, Sage 200, Access Dimensions, Pegasus Opera and Exchequer. The integration provides an automatic transfer of data.

  • Fully accurate stock data

All stock adjustments are recorded immediately into your accounts package. This will therefore mean that staff always have access to the most recent, accurate data.

  • Inbuilt Messenger

There is an inbuilt messenger within our stock control solution that is available on all of the devices. This will allow users to communicate and raise queries and issue instructions across the devices.

  • Mobile Solution

All features and processes are fully actionable from a tablet device, therefore ensuring that you have a fully mobile solution. You can even create purchase orders from the tablet device, with an automatic printing and emailing option.