How stock control software can increase your business efficiency

How stock control software can increase your business efficiency
How stock control can help increase your business efficiency:

The saying ‘time means money’ is one that still circulates now and this is no difference in the warehousing and distribution industry. Our stock control software can ensure that your business efficiency is increased which will free up staff time for other tasks.

  • You can configure your bin locations in order so that the most efficient route is always used. This will therefore save staff time when doing stock takes or picking stock for a sales order.
  • When picking stock for sales orders, the orders can be grouped together to ensure that staff only go to each bin location once. This will allow them to pick the stock from that specific location for all of the orders to save return trips.
  • Staff efficiency can also be increased by using the stock control centre. The control centre is an application across all of the tablet devices which will allow staff to communicate and raise any issues and queries they have. Messages can be sent to individual staff members or can be sent to specific tablet devices.

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Sage 200 Stock Control Integration

Sage 200 Stock Control Integration
  • Barcode Scanning – Product barcodes stored within Sage 200 will be transferred across to the stock control software, so when you scan products into the system they will be immediately recognised. This therefore means that changes made to barcodes or barcode additions will be picked up straight away.
  • Batch & Serial Number Tracking – With support for batch & serial number tracking, the system will prompt for the batch and serial number of the product. The information is then sent back to Sage where it is stored.
  • Warehouse Visibility – Gain complete visibility of your Warehouse with all stock activity tracked and stored within Sage 200. This activity includes both inward and outward stock adjustments.
  • Stock Ordering – The ability to create purchase and sales orders will mean that staff can create them from the Warehouse floor. These can then be sent to Sage 200 to be authorised.

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Sage 50 Stock Control Integration

Sage 50 Stock Control Integration
  • Barcode Scanning

Barcodes stored and created within Sage 50, are fully synchronised with the till software. This therefore means that when scanning a product into the till system, the product is immediately recognised.

  • Automatic transfer of data

Data is automatically transferred from the stock control software into Sage 50. Thus making sure that staff always have access to the most accurate data.

  • Warehouse Visibility

As all adjustments are recorded straight into Sage 50, you will always be able to view the most up to date Warehouse activity.

  • Purchase & Sales Orders

Purchase and sales orders can be raised from the Warehouse as they can be created from the tablet devices. These are then transferred back into Sage against the relevant account.