How stock control software can increase your business efficiency

How stock control software can increase your business efficiency
How stock control can help increase your business efficiency:

The saying ‘time means money’ is one that still circulates now and this is no difference in the warehousing and distribution industry. Our stock control software can ensure that your business efficiency is increased which will free up staff time for other tasks.

  • You can configure your bin locations in order so that the most efficient route is always used. This will therefore save staff time when doing stock takes or picking stock for a sales order.
  • When picking stock for sales orders, the orders can be grouped together to ensure that staff only go to each bin location once. This will allow them to pick the stock from that specific location for all of the orders to save return trips.
  • Staff efficiency can also be increased by using the stock control centre. The control centre is an application across all of the tablet devices which will allow staff to communicate and raise any issues and queries they have. Messages can be sent to individual staff members or can be sent to specific tablet devices.

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Stock Control Software – Top Benefits

Stock Control Software - Top Benefits
  • Increase Efficiency

Our stock control software solution will massively increase your warehouse efficiency. With the use of pre-configured bin locations, your staff will be able to pick goods using the most efficient picking route.

  • Seamless Integration

There is a seamless integration between our stock control software and market leading accounts packages. These include; Sage 50, Sage 200, Access Dimensions, Pegasus Opera and Exchequer. The integration provides an automatic transfer of data.

  • Fully accurate stock data

All stock adjustments are recorded immediately into your accounts package. This will therefore mean that staff always have access to the most recent, accurate data.

  • Inbuilt Messenger

There is an inbuilt messenger within our stock control solution that is available on all of the devices. This will allow users to communicate and raise queries and issue instructions across the devices.

  • Mobile Solution

All features and processes are fully actionable from a tablet device, therefore ensuring that you have a fully mobile solution. You can even create purchase orders from the tablet device, with an automatic printing and emailing option.